Bahn Technik Service centre

Location and technological facilities

Centrum serwisowe Bahn Technik Wrocław Sp. z o.o.

In the case of rail vehicle service, having a perfect location for the necessary repairs is more than essential. Considering that locomotives and carriages can only run on tracks, the center should operate close to the most important rail routes. The location of the Service Center in Wrocław's Bieńkowice, in the vicinity of a 3 km long railway siding, perfectly meets the above conditions. In the hall with an area of ​​2135 m2, 3 tracks were built, one of which has a channel with an equal shoulder, the other with a lowered shoulder on both sides and the third with a zero level, used to carry out measurements after the inspection. The hall is equipped with appropriate equipment for carrying out inspections of the maintenance of rolling stock levels P1 to P3 - i.e. maintenance and diagnostic activities performed on specialized control stands, excluding the vehicle from operation, with partial dismantling of components. On-site servicing of internal combustion engines, power systems and suspension systems can also be performed. Customers can also count on extensive support in the field of maintenance works involving the renewal of the paint coating. You cannot ignore the workshops, warehouses and offices located here. Only such a comprehensive approach is the best guarantee that all services will be performed with attention to every detail.

Staff of the best specialists

Kadra najlepszych specjalistów

Considering the number and complexity of the activities that need to be performed during the maintenance of rolling stock, the quality of their execution will depend primarily on the experience and training of the staff. You must also not forget that service technicians bear a great deal of responsibility, mainly due to the safety of rail transport and the value of the equipment being repaired. The investors, who are primarily interested in cooperation characterised by reliability, honesty, individual approach and attractive price conditions, should definitely trust Trakcja S.A. which is the owner of the Service Centre in Bieńkowice. The new service centre opened within the administrative borders of the capital of Lower Silesia in 2019 is one of the most modern, best equipped and largest facilities of its kind in Poland. It should therefore come as no surprise that the range of services offered is designed for both domestic and foreign customers.

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