DGS 62-N dynamic
track stabiliser

A railway vehicle used to compact the ballast while applying vertical pressure and horizontal vibrations transmitted by rails. Used after final adjustment and tamping of a track, it is intended to increase its stability. The vehicle is equipped with an on-board computer for automatic track stabilisation process.

Unladen mass: 78.6t
Total length: 29.500mm
Total height: 3.680mm
Total width: max 2.700mm
Minimum turning radius: 120m
Vmax when self-propelled: 80km/h
Vmax when included in a draft of cars: 100km/h
Motor: KHD BF-12L-413C Deutz
Rated power: 348kW
Torque: 1226Nm
Number of cylinders: 12
Displacement: 19.144dm3