Plasser&Theurer UNIMAT 08-275 3S
tamping machine for tracks and turnouts

Universal track tamping machine for the repair of tracks and turnouts. Tamping machines of this type are equipped with a system which has elements allowing to lift the track in places where disc pliers cannot be used, e.g. in rail joints with fishplate connectors in contacts.

Total weight: 72.6t
Height above the rail: 3.420 mm
Length with impact absorbers: 28.000 mm
Number of axles: 5
Engine power: 348 kW
Vmax when included in a draft of cars: 100 km / h
Vmax when self-propelled: 100 km / h
Minimum operating radius: ≥ 140 m
Minimum motion radius: ≥ 120 m