PUN P-90 LS continuous
track re-laying train

The special vehicle type P 90 LS by Matis is part of a track-laying train used for track renewal based on continuous track re-laying. Such a solution is dictated by the need to obtain both high quality and high efficiency of the works performed. The vehicle consists of two main, interconnected parts: WM – this part includes an energy supply unit and a set of pliers for setting the c/c spacing of rails, WF – this part consists of the assembly for laying and collecting sleepers (new and old) and conveyor belts for lifting sleepers.

Unladen mass: 107t
Total length: 44.620mm
Maximum width: 3.150mm
Maximum height: 4.110mm
Vmax when included in a draft of cars: 100km/h
Operating Vmax: 10km/h
Minimum curve radius during movement: 100m
Minimum curve radius during operation: 250m
Motor: Deutz F12L413F
Power: 235kW
Revolutions: 2500RPM