RM-80 ballast cleaner
with MFS-100 cars

High-performance, universal crushed stone ballast cleaner equipped with 5 working units: - lifting-sliding unit; - ballast picking unit; - screening unit; - conveyors for the retained material; - conveyors for the cleaned material; The RM-80 cleaner works in a draft with 8 cars - bulk material conveyors type MFS-100 of 100t capacity.

Length with impact absorbers: 31.800mm
Width: 3.150mm
Height above the rail: 4.250mm
Total weight depending on equipment: 100t
Total engine power: 696kW (946KM)
Vmax when self-propelled: 80km/h
Vmax when included in a draft of cars: 100km/h
Picking width: 4.000mm
max picking width when cleaning turnouts and crossings: 7.700mm
max picking depth below the top edge of the rail: 1.000mm
Chain height: 280mm
Chain drive power: 320kW