Vaia Car Spark Rail type two-way
autogenous welding machine with K335A1 head

The Vaia Car Spark Rail type autogenous welding machine with head K335A1 is designed to weld rails directly in the track. The welding head is mounted on a truck with a wheel-rail chassis. It is possible to put the vehicle on the rails at a level crossing or by means of an auxiliary ramp. On the railway track, the machine moves independently as a rail vehicle. Transport from one construction site to another is carried out on a low-loading platform. The welding head used in this autogenous welding machine is a typical head produced at the plant in Kakhovka (Ukraine). The autogenous welding process is controlled and monitored by the on-board computer. The measuring system measures three autogenous welding parameters: distance, working pressure and electric current, all as a function of time.