Bahn Technik The trams returned to Krakowska Street in Kraków

31 August 2020

On 17 August this year, the trams at the crossing of Dietla and Krakowska Streets, running over the Józef Piłsudski Bridge, returned to Kraków Kazimierz.

The trams returned to Krakowska Street in Kraków

During the construction works, a defensive wall was discovered of the settlement which was on the Vistula River before the town of Kazimierz was established, but also the Gliniana Gate made of stone, otherwise known as the Krakowska Gate, which was one of the gates of the town of Kazimierz, and the abutment of the Królewski Bridge, and later its further part.

Trakcja, as part of the task, was involved in:

  • the reconstruction of 3 km of a single track – entirely in the ballastless track system,
  • the reconstruction of a turnout junction - 6 turnouts and a diamond crossing and the Krakowska – Dietla – Stradomska Streets crossing),
  • the execution of control and heating system for switches, road drainage and tracks,
  • the reconstruction of the existing track geometry and turnout junction with maintenance of the existing origin-destination pairs,
  • the construction of the track bed at Krakowska Street of precast track slabs with diamond texture and elevated Viennese type stopping platforms,
  • widening the pavements at Krakowska Street - transferring car traffic to the railway track
  • the replacement of approx. 3.5 km of overhead catenary system installed on new stylised catenary poles,
  • the modernisation of the Piłsudski Bridge connecting Kazimierz with Podgórze.  including: the replacement of bearings, the replacement of steel structure parts
  • and most rivets, sandblasting, painting, the assembly of lighting;
  • the reconstruction of all underground infrastructure; (technical, sewerage, gas, electricity networks),
  • the protection and reconstruction of electrical and telecommunications networks, power supply for ticket machines, structural landscaping.

Project in figures:

94.6 million    total value of the task in PLN,
3 km   
length of tracks to be replaced or rebuilt,
25,000 tonnes   
weight of used aggregate,
290 tonnes   
weight of new rails,
10,500 m2   
area of under-ballast mats,
 5,200 m2   
area of porphyry panels,
3,200 m3   
volume of concrete needed,
147.5 m   
length of the modernised bridge,
100,000 pieces  
number of rivet holes on the metal structure of the bridge,
26,000 pieces   
of screws,
5 km   
of casing pipes,
500 tonnes   
of abrasive (bridge steel structure cleaning)
80 tonnes   
of steel (replacement of corroded bridge elements)
10 tonnes   
of paint needed to paint the bridge.
100 tonnes    
of scaffolding for bridge work
8 tonnes   
of resins for paved paths
1.5 tonnes   
of sealing material

The cost of the whole project was nearly PLN 95 million.

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