Bahn Technik TRAKCJA PRKiI will implement a prestigious project in Wrocław

27 August 2020

Two new arch bridges will be built in Wrocław by Trakcja PRKiI in 24 months for PLN 70 million. On 7 May this year, the Company concluded a contract with Inwestycje Wrocławskie sp. z o.o. representing the municipality of Wrocław.

TRAKCJA PRKiI will implement a prestigious project in Wrocław

The new Chrobrego Bridges with their beautiful arched construction will perfectly fit into the historic architecture of Wrocław and the nearby Szczytnicki Park. Citizens of Wrocław will enjoy watching them in 24 months' time.

The two new Chrobrego Bridges – Północny and Południowy - are a composite structure with arched spans. In total, they will be about 229 m long. They willl connect Zalesie and Sępolno with Swojczyce. The 154 m long Południowy Bridge over the Flood Control Channel is a continuous steel multi-span structure, consisting of two arches of 54 m each and a girder span of 25 m, with a slab superstructure and reinforced concrete abutments. The 75 m long Północny Bridge over the Ship Canal is a single-span steel structure with an arch span length of 52 m, with a slab superstructure and reinforced concrete abutments and pillars.

The complexity of the projects results, among other things, from its multi-branch nature – the contract includes: the construction of two new bridges in the stretch of regional road No 455 which is an important traffic route, as well as its extension from the crossing with Monte Cassino Street to the crossing with Mydlana Street, including works in the following scope: design, bridge construction, road construction, networks, overhead catenary system, etc. The works will culminate in a spectacular illumination of the project object which will emphasize the unique atmosphere of Wrocław.

Trakcja PRKiI enjoys very extensive experience in the construction of bridges. During its more than 70 years of operation, it has built several hundred such facilities. The most recent projects include the bridge over the Działdówka River, which corresponds in shape to the Chrobrego Bridges, two bridges in Zbąszynek with a length of 40 m each, a flyover in Klęczany on regional road No 4 with a length of 62 m or a 7-span viaduct, 186 m long, in Sędziszów Małopolski. In the years 2012-2015, 10 railway bridges, 14 railway flyovers and 1 road flyover were constructed on the Wrocław-Grabiszyn-Skokowa section of the railway line. Among other things, the dismantling and construction of a railway bridge over the Oder River in Wrocław in the area of Popowice station, the reconstruction of railway flyovers over Grabiszyńska and Popowicka Streets. Trakcja PRKiI was the General Contractor and leader of the consortium in this project.

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